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Jun 15, 2013 7:00am EDT
senator mark rubio -- marco rubio. not only looking to 2016 the 2014 as well. werst, if you go to c-span3, are focusing on north carolina this weekend as part of our joint programming efforts between those two channels. tv" willc-span2 "book air programs out of that city. >> we call it "freedom's teacher." it is the biography of a lifelong educators, social activist, and civil rights activist. my book is about her educational activism, both prior to and during and after the civil rights movement. i was interested in telling her story because she was a very important person in the civil- rights movement. she was also important before that. she was nearly 60 years old by the time she did what she was the most well-known for, the citizenship education program. i got into researching this book i was like, what did she do from 20 to 60, what did she do to prepare for this and what does it tell us about the deeper roots of women's role in it? looking at this one figure was a way to tell a longer story about the civil-rights movement but also about black women's activism across the 20th century.
FOX News
Jun 17, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. there are signs it is stronger now than last week. senator marco rubio, one of the gang of eight, says the bill is almost perfect, needs some work in areas like border security. >> i think 95, 96% of the bill is in perfect shape and ready to go, but there are elements that need to be improved. this is how the legislative process is supposed to work. you offer an idea, you get public input and input of other colleagues, from these criticisms or observations come new ideas how to make it better and you can't ignore that, those things need to be addressed and we have the opportunity to do that, in particular on boarder security element. >> great interview with lon snowden, i am going to go quick. you talk to marco rubio on your radio show quite regularly. one thing you can say, he is perseverent trying to get things done. what do you think about the bill getting done? >> i think they'll get something out of the senate. the house is probably the biggest obstacle. marco rubio will not walk away from this bill. if you remember, when senator obama was in the senate, he didn't want his hands on anythin
FOX Business
Jun 18, 2013 7:00pm EDT
to bring bush. lou: talk about marco rubio. >> you are on fire tonight. lou: here he is. the world watches over me. [laughter] to talk about how great the bill is then personally saying the border security is too light and it will not work and drove not pass. >> i think he is being consistent. lou: i cannot wait to hear this. [laughter] >> but the fact is if you don't get the border security piece rates, it is a truce. free had comprehensive immigration reform and standpoints that we agree and if you have no ability to secure the border what will happen in a few years? if we have no secure border in we are negotiating over a five-year penalty why not make it for? as of 14 make it 10? in the end you have no secure border you have nothing in the end. lou: if ever one -- anyone preaching to the acquired it is you. let me bring to your attention the third amendment for security on the border was defeated by the gang of eight and a grassley amendment with significant security and the real deal was defeated with the votes of all members of the gang of eight. does anybody republican democrat when
Jun 19, 2013 9:00am PDT
security in that bill laughable. that's a huge rebuke to marco rubio who could be the standard bearer? 2016 to have the republican senator call it laughable. that doesn't boyd well in the house. lastly i'll say this, joy. what has been the one thing that has made john boehner and the house republican congress have to go to the table and have to work? it's been deadlines. it's been them being in the corner with a gun to their head that if they do not act, then something horrific happens. there's no deadline on immigration reform. it's not like if they don't get it done by this date that suddenly the flood gates will open and they have no say in the process. they conceivably could sit on this all the way until the fall and then we have to face a debt limit crisis. this goes on the back burner. what the republicans will say is look, we tried with our piecemeal approach. democrats weren't listening to us. we tried and we're sorry. honestly how that plays out in 2014, 2016, a lot of house guys don't care. they don't have latinos in their district. one democrat told me we're not going to compromi
Jun 20, 2013 10:00am PDT
an interview with senator marco rubio. obviously he's got some skin in the game on all of this as well, but tell us where are we in the process of immigration reform and the possibility of a deal brokered on the senate side? >> well, let's start there with the news right now. that is we're waiting probably in about an hour we're going to see the key players in this immigration deal come to the senate floor and describe it. and the it is a bunch of conservative senators, the key players are senators jovan and corker who came up with a deal to beef up the border, they say, in a way that they put more border agents there, that they complete the fence along the southern border. and that is all an attempt to appeal to conservative senators to try to get ultimately the vote in the senate to the high watermark, the highest watermark they can get in order to pressure the house to take this up. that kind of sums up where we are right now. as you mentioned a key player in all this is senator marco rubio from florida. key because he is somebody who people are looking at for 2016 as a potential pr
Jun 20, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. but it turns out the first casualty of this war might be one of their colleagues, marco rubio. might be getting hurt by this. support for immigration reform. >>> and here is a character for your political pantheon. bishop e.w. jackson, a republican running for lieutenant governor in virginia. he strikes again. he says while slavery was bad for the african-american family, lyndon johnson's great society was worse. talk about hyperbole. >>> let me finish with the goal of an honest, please god, an honest immigration law, one we can be proud to enforce. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good. [ man ] by exploring their options, they learned that instead of going to italy, they could use a home equity loan to renovate their yard and have a beautiful weddin
Jun 19, 2013 2:30am PDT
servicemen died. >>> back home, imgregs reform. marco rubio. the cbo now estimating that the bill that it will save 175 billion over the decade. marco rubio can breathe a sigh of relief, if that bill he was spon sorg added to the deficit it could have been dead on arrival. >>> finally n a krult twist of ironry, bill airs, constant source of controversy is now speaking out again about the president. but this time against the president. saying specific barack obama should be quote, absolutely tried for war crimes and that he would give his presidency a failing grade. with friends like that. now back to you, brian, for the rest of the news. >> thank you, joe. >>> lot of other news to get to this morning including the nation's top security officials on capitol hill attempting to bring some claritity to the nsa's controversial surveillance programs. yesterday the head of the nsa general keith alexander defended his agency saying that his agency has kept americans safe on a number of occasions. >> compliance our government uses to balance security with civil elects and privacies. these
Jun 19, 2013 7:00pm PDT
an ideology primary. look at marco rubio, the news out of marco rubio was not the progress he made in trying to moderate the republican party to appeal to hispanics. the immigration reform, it is allen west who can't keep the district he was in, who may challenge marco rubio. the republican party is not going to get challenged in many ways. the congressman is right about red districts and red states getting redder. those are challenges coming from the right. and to win the primaries, people in power now are going to have to move to the right, therefore further isolating themselves from i think a national governing majority. >> robert gibbs and former congressman, steve latourette, thank you. >>> coming up, immigration reform just may become a reality. and there is very little john boehner can do about it. >>> and he is back, glenn beck preaches to the choir on the steps of the capitol to rail against the mighty injustice of the irs nonscandal. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! [ male announcer ] new alka s
Jun 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
've seen a backlash, for example against senator marco rubio. tea party members have been carrying these signs rubio rhino meaning republican in name only. his name was brought up a couple of times. >> no matter what marco rubio who has not read his own bill, incidentally, he says they will have to pay -- [ audience booing ] >> then there was a moment at a news conference yesterday after congressman mario belart talked about immigration reform in spanish. [ speaking foreign language ] >> what did you just say? >> don't know if you could hear that. he said you got to learn english. alex how nasty could this immigration debate get. have we seen the worst of it? >> i don't know, chris. i think it's moments like that that make republicans and particular party leadership in washington very nervous about where this thing will head over the summer. we've seen a number of times in barack obama's presidency a seemingly controlled legislative debate spin out of control as members go back to their districts for the summer, face the voters on camera. i think that probably isn't the last moment
Jun 14, 2013 6:30pm PDT
de coahuila sigue investigando el crimen. enmienda controvercial, el senador marco rubio busca que los indocumentados a pren depre leer, escribir y hablar inglÉs para aspirar a la residencia. adrenalina en el agua, reportan mÁs de 20 heridos al desplomarse un muelle repleto de aficionados que se reunieron para ver un juego de baloncesto. >>> y voz prodigiosa el niÑo hispano que desatÓ una lluvia de ataques raciales por entonar el himno de estados unidos lo canta por segunda vez en la final de la nba la ediciÓn viernes del noticiero telemundo comienza ya >>> buenas tardes, marÍa celeste a wr tiene el dÍa libre. un funeral privado para darle el adiÓs al hermano del actor y cantante pablo montero. javier hernÁndez, que fue asesinado por desconocidos en el estado de coahuila. mientras las autoridades siguen buscando a los responsables, desde torreÓn, julio va quiero nos acompaÑa con los Últimos detalles. buenas tardes. >>> buenas tardes josÉ, fue un funeral Íntimo y sencillo, con solo las personas mÁs allegadas, reunidas para despedir a javier hernÁndez, el hermano del
Jun 17, 2013 11:00pm EDT
migratoria el senador marco rubio planifica someter una nueva en enmienda al proyecto que se discute en el senado... juan jose rodas hablo con el y nos dice de que se trata y porque podria ser perjudicial para las personas de la tercera edad. con el mismo temple con que ha conducido su trabajo de plomero en los ultimos 8 aÑos en este pais, asi es como candido martÍnez espera a sus 52 aÑos de edad aprender ingles, esto cuando hoy se dio cuenta que el hablar dicho idioma podrÍa convertirse en una obligacion antes de una posible legalizacion migratoria. y es que mientras en el senado de los estados unidos continu Úa el debate de la reforma migratoria, una serie de enmiendas a la iniciativa estan siendo consideradas por algunos como 'pildoras venenosas' que podrÍan descarrilar el proceso. una de ellas la propone el senador republicano por la florida marco rubio y requiere que antes de obtener una residencia legal en el pais todo indocumentado debe aprender ingles. grupos civicos y organizaciones pro la defensa de los latinos en los estados unidos como el fondo educacional naleo afirman
Jun 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, they would. republican presidential hopeful marco rubio was asked about his position on that nondiscrimination bill yesterday. by an enterprising "think progress" reporter who followed him into an elevator. >> the senate this summer is going to be taking up the employment nondiscrimination act which makes it illegal to fire someone who is gay. >> i haven't read the legislation. by in large i think all americans should be protected, but i'm not for any special protections based on orientation. >> what about on race or gender? >> that's established. >> but not for sexual orientation? >> hey, how are you, man? that counts for not an answer. it's kind of brutal to watch the running away. not for sexual orientation? hey, how are you? it's tough to watch. but marco rubio being anti-gay, marco rubio having anti-gay policy positions is not a surprise. he's never taken a pro gay rights position on anything really. and it was just yesterday that he said he would blow up the whole immigration reform issue. he would blow up this whole thing that he has been working on, that he st
Jun 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. republican light weight marco rubio. next. flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving. so you can capture your receipts, ink for all business purchases. and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪ lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield technologies. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. by earning a degree in the field maof counseling or psychologyth from capella university, health. you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at lets you co
Jun 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
on the immigration gang of eight has been senator marco rubio, however he's been saying recently the bill needs stronger border security measures. other republicans like senator john cornyn of texas want things like a 100% situational awareness, 90% apprehension on the border. as we look at what senator rubio's motives are now, is he undermining the hard work of the immigration eight by entertaining these amendments or is this just politics as usual? >> thomas, i think it's actually more trying from marco rubio's perspective to strengthen the bill to get more republican support. the gang of eight is still together. i mean, there are sometimes it's been reported there's been a little of annoyance about some of the requests that senator marco rubio has made to have more security but it's been his goal to have more republicans in the debate, someone with his stature and association with the tea party and what he's been asking for time and time again is adding more border security to the proposal. now, what democrats say is that they don't want any type of trigger where that -- any type of the path
Jun 20, 2013 2:00pm PDT
out the first cash 1u89 of this war might be one of their colleagues, marco rubio. piting getting hurt by this. >>> and here is a character for your political pantheon. bishop e.w. jackson, a republican running for lieutenant governor in virginia. he says while slavery was bad for the african-american family, lyndon johnson's great society was worse. talk about hyperbole. >>> let me finish with the goal of an honest, please god, an honest immigration law, one we can be proud to enforce. this is "hardball," the place for politics. she promised them... a tropical paradise. but the mutiny is already in full swing. just wait till they tell everyone back home... how she totally booking nailed it! now the only issue is: who gets that? planet earth's number one accomodation site: booking.yeah! >>> you're going to love this. barack obama famously said there aren't red states or blue states in this country, just the united states, but as president he hasn't quite lived up to that hopeful rhetoric. take a look at this map. this map shows the six states, there they are, that the presi
Jun 16, 2013 10:00am EDT
pushing for more action. including our first guest, marco rubio who joins us from miami. good morning. senator and happy father's day. >> good morning. and happy father's day to you and your viewers. >> you have been pushing for a long time for the u.s. to arm the rebels, is this going to make a difference? >> let me say, in politics or foreign policy, timing matters. these were options a year and a half ago. before they became this chaotic, we should have looked for elements fighting against assad, reasonable people who wouldn't carry out human rights violation and be part of building a new syria. this president failed to do that. now the strongest groups fighting againstsaw u assad are al-qaeda-linged. they aren't all, but they are the best equipped. the options are narrower than a few months ago. we should continue to search to see if there are elements that are reasonable, we can work, respect human rights and it's tougher now, hezbollah, and russia arming syria, and iran involved. the fact it's taken the white house and the president so long to get a clear and concise policy on s
Jun 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
't have a marco rubio rule here -- >> i don't want to be a marco rubio -- >> michael: yeah. we have no marco rubio rule. i least i try to maintain. >> michael: right. the real turning point and sticking with your book and looking back to 2012 was the 47% comment. we hadn't seen anything like that. you detail it and say the story rocked the presidential campaign as hard as any external event in modern history. let's revisit that moment and listen to the 47% mark. >> michael: jonathan what people don't know about this video, and why -- what is it that is important about that. >> the whole back story they don't know. and i spent many hours with the bar tender who changed history. his motivation his background, his saving of a woman's life when he jumped into a canal and rescued her in the everglades. this was a foreshadowing of what he did when he released these -- this tape, and, you know, he said to me after that -- after the incident in the everglades he said if you can jump in, you must jump in. and he felt like he must prevent mitt romney from becoming president if
FOX News
Jun 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. let's go back this way. close the border first, that would be the rand paul/ted cruz idea. marco rubio on the other hand says, go ahead, let's get legalization first. we'll work on the border after. where are you? >> i think they have to do the border first. and i think that's the only way you're going to get a bill to come out of the house is border first. look, i know, this issue, it's amazing when we talk about it. if you don't say, i am for immigration reform, you get killed. if you say you're against it, you get killed. it's a bit more complicated than that. and i've said time and time again, i'm the child of an immigrant, something has to be done. but rooking at this bill in its current form, eric, it's a disaster. it's become a christmas tree of carveouts for lobbyists. it actually funnels money. this according to betsey mccoy, right? she says that she funnels money to groups like la raza, community organizing groups, takes the authority away from the dhs, and lets them handle the amnesty process. that's just one example in here. also, criminals, if you get arrested twice but no
Jun 20, 2013 12:00am PDT
closer to a vote, the vitriole is ramping up, and even people like marco rubio are not safe. >> you could ask -- well, senator rubio says they're going to have to pay -- >> that guy from the heritage foundation and the other activists and lawmakers know that marco rubio is not the point. this is why they're making such a big stink today. they have a different target. they understand that the entire thing of the immigration bill now lies in the hands of one man. not marco rubio, but john boehner. john boehner is the reason heritage action, the political wing of the foundation along with a number of other conservative groups sent a statement saying, liberal democrats control the senate. we should not hand then the keys as well. we encourage you to pass the haster rule that requires a majority of the majority to pass the legislation. it's named after dennis haster, is more of a principle, really. the house speaker will not bring legislation to the floor that does not have support from the majority of his or her party. that's where this majority of the majority comes in. as the pressure build
Jun 16, 2013 8:00am PDT
debates, senator marco rubio, a "this week" exclusive. then -- all the week's politics. >> we aren't trying to hide it. we're trying to protect america. >> more scrutiny over surveillance and iran's surprising pick for president. and another exclusive. >> he's the best dad and the best man i've ever met. >> jeb bush in our father's day sunday spotlight. >>> hello again, george is off, great to have you with us, is the u.s. about to get involved in yet another war in the middle east? after determining that syria's government did in fact use chemical weapons, crossing president obama's red line? the white house made a decision to send arms to the syrian rebels. many in congress have been pushing for more action, including our first guest, florida republican senator marco rubio who joins us from miami. good morning and happy father's day. >> good morning. happy father's day to you and your viewers. >> you have been pushing for a long time for the u.s. to arm the rebels. is this going to make a difference? >> let me say in politics or foreign policy, timing matters. these were options
Jun 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the way marco rubio can. which is why i think ted cruz can play it both ways. >> it looks like hillary is rung. will they just go off and have a good time? liking in san francisco and where were we, in georgia somewhere. >> they're going to try to move heaven and earth to stop hillary clinton. you're going to see a civil war like nobody's business. >> will they try to beat her? >> oh, yeah. >> i think they're going to try. the establishment will want a rubio, but if that immigration law passes, the base is going to be really mad at rubio. ted cruz has made it its mission to undercut and take rubio down. >> if it does pass, that means the majority of the house republicans voted for it. remember. that's the catch 22. if rubio wins, that's because a majority of the house republicans voted for it. because that's there's no way that's going past the house without the hastert rule. thank you, david corn. interesting combinations going on here. i might have slowed you down for a second. up next, vladimir putin it pockets a super bowl ring. i think. i heard the guy he took it from tell me abou
Jun 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
the needle. >> interesting. i'm going to read this from my iphone. it says that marco rubio and other lawmakers working on the bill were booed when their names were brought up at this rally. one person, senior researcher for the haeritage foundation sad marco rubio has not read his own bill and the crowd booed the name of marco rubio. he was supposed to be the face that would bring in these conservatives. the gentle voice that would urge them over to agree to comprehensive immigration reform. where do you think things realistically stand right now? >> i think realistically first of all i do not doubt that marco rubio has read this whole bill. they went through months of negotiations. >> he's part of the bill. >> he's truly part of it. we can set that aside. i do think that conservatives are behind this. this rally that they're holding today is all about the narrow base. a small minority that no matter what they say about border security, what they are opposed to is the path to citizenship and that congressional budget office report, that is very interesting because on the broader leve
Jun 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
they're learning english before they can become permanent residents. florida republican marco rubio has proposed an amendment requiring immigrants to be proficient in english and pass a civics test. under current law, only applicants for u.s. citizenship, not those applying for green cards, must prove english proficiency. for a debate on that issue, we turned to barbara mujica, a professor of spanish literature at georgetown university, and max sevillia of the national association of latino elected officials, naleo. i spoke to them recently as part of our ongoing series: "inside immigration reform." max, currently if you want to become a legal resident, is there any language requirement at all? >> no, there's not. there's a language requirement vis-a-vis as you were saying naturalizing and becoming a u.s. citizen and what senator rubio is proposing it actually goes contrary to the current proposal, bipartisan proposal, that already calls for people to learn english. i think it would make it to unique to these undocumented community going through a path to legalization and not a requirem
FOX News
Jun 21, 2013 1:00am PDT
and this will be border security. i had marco rubio on my radio she and he said this was the toughest immigration enforcement we are ever going to have and people read the bill, i read all 847 pages and you can drive a truck in the loop holes and the wafers that janet napolitano gives. today, we find out corker and holden they are putting 40,000 new agents on the border, one problem, when asked how they are going to pay for it. we will use the money we say due to deficit reduction in the cbo report because of the bill. john cornyn was incredulous because his amendment was turned down. >> we'll have to in the final thing, they are going to have to say we'll pay for it this way. look, instead of ripping up something we don't have in front of us. >> they will ram it through, bill. that's not good. >> i say this, we need the reform, if they are indeed doing what they say on the border and pay for it, then that's a good thing. >> they are not going to do. it they didn't in 2006 when they man dated the 700 miles of fencing and in chuck shumer and dick durbin and janet fap nap and president obama are ch
FOX News
Jun 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
in the right hand so they can't be targeted against us down the line. but senator marco rubio says that will be tough. he says it's tough because he thinks president obama dragged his feet. >> now the strongest groups fighting against assad are al qaeda elements. they have become the best organized and the best armed. >> reporter: president obama is in northern ireland for the g8 summit. in 3 hours he will sit down with russian president vladimir mu continue. the russians have been a key ally for bashar assad for two years now. >> martha? >> peter, more on the background. civil war in syria now in its third year as the u.s. estimates nearly 93,000 people have been killed. 1.4 million with fled the country and that put an enormous amount of pressure as that exodus is if accelerated on countries like jordan. last summer the insurgency had grown to an estimated $40,000. bill has more when we look at the map on this. bill: turkey has an influx of refugees. you are going to hear a lot of talk in a moment about the country of jordan. a long-time u.s. ally. up to a million refugee in that
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
the gang of eight. i particularly compliment marco rubio. marco has worked his tail off to try and make sure that we get this right, that he listened to everybody and there are others there, as well, in the gang of eight that has proven to be a tremendous leader in this area. ears worked with me on my amendment. i think they'll bring people on board and they'll cause american citizens to be happy with what's going on. >> what's the one thing you want people to understand about your amendment that makes the difference, the assurance that this is a bill that can be taken seriously and can be regarded as one that talks about peer reform? >> it's a question of appearance. we're not asking them, the immigrants, the professional immigrants to do any more than we ask ourselves. for instance, a lot of them have not paid their taxes. we -- they ought to have to fess up and pay their taxes before they get on the path to citizenship. that's nothing more or less than what we require of every american citizen with regard to obama care. american citizens had to wait five years to get on obama care. i
Jun 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
is not the speaker of the house. there's a parallel thing going on because in the senate marco rubio based on what reported there have been stripped from his own bill. it's now a john mccainesque surge. i didn't even see rubio speak. >> that's true. david, what's your reaction to what you just heard? >> john boehner really looked like a man with a lot of conviction when he was speaking. i looked at the numbers, i might look at the bill. i'll get this other guy to tell me. i'm not here to work my will. god knows. where there's a will, there's a way, i don't know, get back to you tomorrow. he keeps saying -- he has this line, i didn't come to be speaker to have a big office and smoke a cigar. the question really is why did you want to be speaker? >> the big gavel. remember the giant gavel he got? >> what we're seeing here, we talked about this periodically over the past few months, and i hate to say that, you know, it looked like we were right, but whatever is happening in the senate where there are mainly it seems to me adults, ted cruz wants to sort of change that equation a little bit, the house
Jun 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
the legalization process. one senator who voted against it, florida's marco rubio. >> what i think you can expect to see tomorrow is a substantial improvement, a substantial improvement, in the border security parts of this bill. >> you said you'd secure the border first but a number of amendments have been voted on that would do just that, a couple yesterday, and you voted against them. >> the reason why is because i think the proposals need to go even further. >> pressure from conservatives on rubio. once a darling of the tea party. is increasing. on wednesday, he was mocked and booed by conservatives in a big rally that took place on capitol hill. >> what this bill does is takes a minimum of 11 million illegal immigrants who have an average education of tenth grade and it makes them eligible for all of that. no matter what marco rubio says who has not read his own bill incidentally. now you could ask what -- senator rubio says they're going to have to pay -- [ crowd booing ] >> he's a sellout! >> plenty of boo birds out there at the capitol yesterday. nbc's political editor mark murray. how si
Jun 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
want to ask you about marco rubio. we talk about the future of the gop. is marco's future riding on this? and if it fails, what is the future for the gop? >> look, i think any type of complicated legislation involves a lot of back room deal making, a lot of things that take place out of the public view. so that is a lot of what you consider, this legislation has put the taint of washington, d.c. on him. and if there is one thing for sure in that looking forward to the next presidential election, the republican party is either going to nominate a governor, or an iconoclastic senator that is able to stand apart from all the deal-making inside of washington, d.c. you see that is where rand paul is positioning himself and where ted cruz is positioning himself. and i don't think republican primary voters, no matter how talented marco rubio is, and he is very, very talented, they don't want somebody who is seen working in the back rooms to cut deals with chuck schumer. he has gone back room with the tea party, as you look ahead to the beginning of 2016. i just want to add one more thin
Jun 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT
be sure of and it will be first. >> we asked florida republican marco rubio, elite gop supporter, about conservative criticism. for someone like you from a diverse state with likely higher ambition politically, this is important. for somebody who is in a conservative, very red state, voting for something like immigration reform hurts them rather than helps them. how do you overcome that? >> well, i understand why conservatives are upset. they've seen all these promises in the past that haven't been delivered. that's why we're saying that nobody can become a legal, permanent resident of the united states unless these border measures pass. we shouldn't do this for politics. i can tell you politically this is as much a negative as it is a positive. people are really upset and i respect it and i understand it. >> reporter: few politicians have as much at stake here as rubio, a cuban american with presidential aspirations, who would need those upset conservatives to win a gop nomination. in all candor, how much of your personal credibility and viability is on the line here? nobody talks abou
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Jun 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
immigration reform bill. in a moment marco rubio will join me. in the last 24 hours the congressional budget office released its analysis on the legislation. let's take a moment to via. some good news for those supporting the bill. the cbo score concluded it would cut the budget deficit $200 billion. other headlines are not so positive. if enacted the bill would raise the unemployment rate through 2020. wages would drop. but they might begin increasing after 2025. "the washington times" also reports the cost of obama care would rise significantly however those costs would be offset they say by an increase in revenue. why? because it's estimated 10.4 million new residents would be added over the next decade. marco rubio is joining me now. senator, i'm sure you are aware there is a lot of anger in the conservative community over this bill because the feeling is this bill does not do what it said it would do and that is secure the border first. your reaction. >> border security is critical and here's why. america is a special country. people want to come here from all over the world. it's so sp
Jun 17, 2013 2:00pm PDT
a member of the gang of eight with marco rubio to work on this legislation. but the other problem that lindsey graham has is ooze very likely to face a tea party challenger next year in the republican primary in that very conservative state of south carolina. so he was looking at the gang of eight as a kind of protection program for himself. get the thing off the table, get it done. ride marco rubio's coat tails to some kind of compromise. the problem is the first thing marco rubio said once he put out his bill, it's not strong enough on the border. i got to make it stronger on the border and lindsey graham is going don't say that. you were my protection. now what. so lindsey graham has got to come out for tougher border enforcement. the republicans have a very tough time squaring the internal politics of the tea party in 2014 and their national political landscape in 2016. and lindsey graham is the perfect example of it. >> let's hear senator graham, one of the architects of the gang of eight. the real effort to try to get immigration reform. he delivered a dire reform to republi
Jun 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
marco rubio causing concern among his colleagues. where does immigration go now given the fact the goal we heard weeks ago was get it done in the senate with a massive margin by july 4th. >> the speed in the united states senate is always a bit slow. you are trying to seek pressure democrats putting on, need to move for these amendments faster, now, overall the prospects of passage in the senate still look very good. after all, the big debate is whether john boehner is going to bring any legislation to the house floor, not the senate floor, which makes senate action look like a fait accompli. the gang together, bipartisan support. the question is how big is the bipartisan support. overall prospects look pretty good, just going to see what the final vote is. >> taking place in the house, a lot of people flipping channels from november of last year to june of this year, will be surprised there's going to be a vote house republicans are pushing for when it comes to the issue of abortion. it would prohibit abortion for those after i think 20 to 22 weeks is the exact period of time. give us
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